• Julia Bogard

Wading through Social Media

I decided to do a LinkedIn Marketing course (Online Marketing Foundations) that included information on social media. I thought I knew a lot about social media but it turns out not as much as I though.

1. Facebook - if you create a page on Facebook, it is very, very difficult to get new followers without using a Facebook Ad. Good news is that it doesn't cost a lot to get clicks. Images and videos work best.

2. SnapChat - best for a market aimed at 18 to 24 year olds (nearly 80% of US users fall in this age group).

3. Twitter - great platform to use to spread the word. It is all about sharing information and is great for using as a customer service tool.

4. LinkedIn - use for B2B as it is very business focused. It has older demographics. Make sure to check out InMail.

5. Pinterest - is your market your women? Do you have a very visual business? Then you should definitely check out Pinterest.

Want to know more - check out PEW Research for more information on demographics for social media. This will help you determine which social media channels you should target.

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